Four Bean:

A premium blend of Ethiopian, Java, Guatemalan and Mexican, this coffee is roasted to a beautiful chestnut brown. The brew is rich and lively with a lingering sweet aftertaste. Treat yourself to an exciting full flavored cup of coffee.

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French Roast

A blend of Indonesian and Central American coffees roasted together. A bit of espresso blend is then added for a balanced body. Sophisticated and savory, it has an intense smoky flavor.

Mexican Altura:

Grown on the slopes of the Sierra Madre, this "Altura" is grown at over 4,000 feet. Delightfully light-bodied with a pleasant sharpness, this attractively aromatic coffee makes a perfect breakfast brew. Try it with milk for a great Cafe au Lait.


 This blend was specifically created for use in espresso machines, but is an exceptional brewed coffee as well. Caramelly and creamy sweet, this flavorful coffee is nice any time of day.

Coffee Selections

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